Stop Wandering the Web Alone

Cluztr, a Free Browser Add-on, Allows Users to Follow Their Friends Around the Web

OTTAWA, Canada, April 7, 2007 – Web users can now share their web-browsing with friends, meet new like-minded people and discover sites that relate to them, and their interests thanks to Cluztr — a free browser plug-in now available for download.

A major part of the internet today is its “social” aspect, both in terms of technology and online behavior. However, browsing the web still remains largely a solitary experience even though there may be hundreds or thousands of people, including friends, looking at the same web page or site. Cluztr innovates the browsing experience by exposing the people, sites, and activity behind a user’s browser.

“Cluztr is a collection of browser histories – yours, your friends’ and everyone else’s,” said Jon Cianciullo, one of the founders of Cluztr. “This tells users what people are paying attention to right at that moment, so there’s a good chance users will want to check it out for themselves. So as a mechanism of social discovery, Cluztr is similar to Digg, and StumbleUpon, but with the unique element of real-time.”

When a user is signed-in, Cluztr marks where they go on the web – and “linkcasts” (broadcasts) their online location to their friends and the community. The browser add-on also provides a sidebar component that lists other people on (or who were on) the same page or site. In addition, users can chat amongst themselves and that discussion stays with that page for other people to view.

Cluztr respects user privacy by not tracking usage on secure sites, or those sites which a user has marked as “private”. A user has full control over his or her browser history and can clear it at any time, as well as enable additional privacy features such as an adult content filter.

The latest release of Cluztr supports Firefox and Flock web-browsers on both PCs and Macs. Support for Internet Explorer and Safari will come sometime in 2007.

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Stop Wandering the Web Alone

This is the development blog of Cluztr, the free and fun new way to experience the social side of the web.

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