New Software Allows You to Follow Your Friends Around the Web

OTTAWA, Canada, May 9, 2007 – Like a trail of breadcrumbs, your friends can now follow your clicks and view what you’re watching on the web. Cluztr, a free browser add-on, lets you share your web-browsing with friends in real-time, meet new like-minded people and discover sites that relate to you and your interests.

Cluztr builds a detailed profile of each user’s surfing habits by tagging the sites and pages a user visits. This “attention data” is displayed live as a clickstream on each user’s profile page as well as aggregated with other users and shown in a public clickstream. The site uses this information to recommend webpages and people which may be of interest to the user. Users can also subscribe to other users’ clickstreams, to track what their friends are looking at.

“Cluztr is a collection of browser histories – yours, your friends’ and everyone else’s,” said Jon Cianciullo, the founder of Cluztr. “This tells users what people, including their friends, are paying attention to right at that moment, so there’s a good chance you will want to check it out for yourself. There are other programs out there that offer a similar mechanism of social discovery – Digg, and StumbleUpon, for example, but what makes Cluztr different is the unique element of real-time.”

The browser add-on also lists other people who are currently on or have recently been on the same page or site. Users can chat and leave messages for each other regarding the site they are surfing. The discussion then stays with the page for other people to view.

Cluztr adheres to the principles and guidelines set out by the non-profit organization with regards to how user data is handled. This gives users full control over their data and transparency to see exactly how it is being used. Users also have the choice to make their clickstreams private and set up privacy and filtering settings.

The latest beta release of the Cluztr add-on supports Firefox and Flock web-browsers on both PCs and Macs. Support for Internet Explorer and Safari will come sometime in 2007. Cluztr can be downloaded free from

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