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More widgets!

We’ve released new (and updated) widgets into the wild for you to spice up your blog, website or social profile.

Most bad-ass of the bunch is the My Clickstream widget that displays your clickstream live!

Collect them all.


Clickstreams are now cleaner then ever

A new automated filtering system has been put into place to reduce the amount of irrelevant and adult entries in the public clickstreams. The community can help cleanup by clicking on the flag icon next to the url when viewing a clickstream. The page will be tagged for review.

Now we can all enjoy squeaky clean clickstreams!

Say “hello” to the new global chat

In addition to being able to chat and leave messages on any page or site you visit, you now have the ability to post global chat messages to the entire community. You can access this feature from the browser sidebar, on the page/site/all users tab and click “all users”.

Give it a try!

Distill your clickstream with a “private list”

You now have greater control over what sites/pages you get tagged on and which get ignored.

Under your Account, you can add pages or entire sites (and subdomains) to your personal private list. You can also add them quickly via the privacy menu in the browser add-on.

Note: That secure site, like those that begin with https:// are automatically treated as private.

User profile upgrade

You may have noticed your user profile has gotten some sweet upgrades. In addition to breaking out the UI with tabs, you can now delete entries in your clickstream, display recommended links as well as export your attention data in many formats.

Manage your clickstream
You can now delete single entries from your clickstream. However, we are working hard to add filters to the streams, but irrelevant and adult entries do slip through.

These are links from like-minded users who you share similar interests and habits with. Expect the algorithm to get better as we go, and provide better recommendations.

With new “attention data” services popping up all the time – you can now export or access to your attention data in many different formats. Standard RSS is supported and APML and Attention.xml will follow shortly.

Set your clickstream to “private”

You asked for it – you got it.

Many of you have inquired about the ability for only friends to have access to your clickstream data. By default your clickstream is set to “public”, however, if privacy is a major concern for you, you can choose to have it “private”.

To set your clickstream to private:
– Set Clickstream Privacy to “private”
– Click SAVE

To get the most out of Cluztr we recommend you keep your clickstreams public – but the choice is there for you.

Cluztr is 2 weeks old!

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and great feedback since Cluztr open it’s beta doors only 2 weeks ago. We’ve been extremely busy plugging away adding great new features, rounding out the current ones, and developing our API. The user-interface will also be getting upgrades as well.

Expect announcements regarding new features as we add them and keep sending us your thoughts and ideas!

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