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Cluztr’s first third-party widget: Live Attention

Stan James, of Lijit, has put together a great application that leverages Cluztr’s API. It’s called “What is Stan watching right now?” or, more formally, Live Attention and allows anyone to follow an attentionstream without needing a download.

Read about it on Stan’s blog,


TechCrunch – Social Bookmarking Meets Big Brother: Cluztr

Duncan Riley:

“I should be horrified by a service that tracks and publicly exposes every site you visit, and yet for some reason this one stands out. Perhaps like much of society as a whole I’ve become engulfed by a wave of voyeurism, and Cluztr wets my appetite.”

What are people saying about Cluztr?

Check out the media buzz: 

Lifestream Blog – Add a Linkstream to Your Lifestream with Cluztr

Thanks to Mark Krynsky for his great write up.

“While being a great source addition for your Lifestream, this is just one element offered by this site. I think its foremost purpose is to offer a great social surfing community in which users who are logged in simultaneously can share their web surfing experience in real-time.”

“Sharing your web surfing in real-time can definitely be classified as one of the more bold sources of data in your Lifestream, but I find it very intriguing.”

“I am very happy to say that Cluztr is an excellent new service to offer as a source for your Lifestream and I expect to see more people adding it as word gets out … this is a great site with a passionate founder that you should take a look at.” – Cluztr: Social Browsing – Cluztr – Navegar en grupo conociendo gente nueva

Curious Talk – Cluztr Making Browsing Social

“Cluztr is another way to socialize your browsing behavior online.Cluztr is different from social bookmarking services like or digg because you don’t have to actively tag the sites you like.” 

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