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TechCrunch – Social Bookmarking Meets Big Brother: Cluztr

Duncan Riley:

“I should be horrified by a service that tracks and publicly exposes every site you visit, and yet for some reason this one stands out. Perhaps like much of society as a whole I’ve become engulfed by a wave of voyeurism, and Cluztr wets my appetite.”


What are people saying about Cluztr?

Check out the media buzz: podcast

Karina Stenquist gave us mention in today’s podcast:

“They say its to share and discover new sites … but come on now, what about those websites you visit that perhaps you’d rather keep to yourself, huh? You know what I’m talking about? The guilty pleasures…. What? I’m talking about celebrity gossip rags and those stupid but so cute pages full of kittens!”

Check out the spanish version here.

Lifestream Blog – Add a Linkstream to Your Lifestream with Cluztr

Thanks to Mark Krynsky for his great write up.

“While being a great source addition for your Lifestream, this is just one element offered by this site. I think its foremost purpose is to offer a great social surfing community in which users who are logged in simultaneously can share their web surfing experience in real-time.”

“Sharing your web surfing in real-time can definitely be classified as one of the more bold sources of data in your Lifestream, but I find it very intriguing.”

“I am very happy to say that Cluztr is an excellent new service to offer as a source for your Lifestream and I expect to see more people adding it as word gets out … this is a great site with a passionate founder that you should take a look at.” – – Stop Wandering the Web Alone

“Cluztr lets you discover new sites and keep track of old ones you’ve checked out and loved without the use of bookmarks.” 

Startup Meme – Cluztr, the Anti Bookmarking Service that Makes Browsing a Social Experience

“Cluztr is an anti bookmarking service that is trying to do what the rest of the bookmarking or social sharing services like Digg, are trying to do – bring to you the best and most interesting content and sites from the web.” – Cluztr

Jeremy Emberling:

“Cluztr is a new web service that has an interesting idea- real time tracking of all the sites you visit. Social takes on new meaning with the Firefox add-on …”

Check it out:

Stop Wandering the Web Alone

This is the development blog of Cluztr, the free and fun new way to experience the social side of the web.

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