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New “my interests” APML widget now available

Now, you can display a widget of your interests derived from your clicks. The widget is also updated automatically as your interests change, from day to day. This widget displays your Attention Profile (APML), that is, your likes and dislikes, preferences and interests.

Check it out:


The click-time continuum…

In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single construct called the space-time continuum. However, on the web, “space” as we understand it – is irrelevant, therefore the construct which governs the virtual world would combine time and clicks, called the click-time continuum.

OK, enough of the egghead stuff… you can view your very own click-time continuum or “timeline”, for short, from your profile page. It visualizes your site clickstream along a timeline which you can pull and drag.


Say hello to my little friend! Uhm, I mean feed.

We can’t take credit for this, since it was another great idea from you guys.

Many of you noted, that importing your raw clickstream feed into services such as iStalkr, Jaiku and Dandelife can result in RSS overload. So to keep things clean, you now have access to a “site clickstream” which, as you may have guessed, is your clicks aggregated by domain, rather than a multitude of pages.

You can get your feed from your profile page, just click on the Feeds tab and enjoy!

Better page suggestions in the sidebar

We’ve upgraded the clickstream tab in the sidebar to display page suggestions based on the current site you are on.

So for example, when you’re on you’ll see all the pages for YouTube in your sidebar.


Clickstreams are now cleaner then ever

A new automated filtering system has been put into place to reduce the amount of irrelevant and adult entries in the public clickstreams. The community can help cleanup by clicking on the flag icon next to the url when viewing a clickstream. The page will be tagged for review.

Now we can all enjoy squeaky clean clickstreams!

Say “hello” to the new global chat

In addition to being able to chat and leave messages on any page or site you visit, you now have the ability to post global chat messages to the entire community. You can access this feature from the browser sidebar, on the page/site/all users tab and click “all users”.

Give it a try!

Distill your clickstream with a “private list”

You now have greater control over what sites/pages you get tagged on and which get ignored.

Under your Account, you can add pages or entire sites (and subdomains) to your personal private list. You can also add them quickly via the privacy menu in the browser add-on.

Note: That secure site, like those that begin with https:// are automatically treated as private.

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